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Ultimate all purpose cleaner, kills germs, viruses and bacteria

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, and other germs
  • Unlike most competitors protects between cleans
  • Safe for all surfaces – no harmful toxins and EPA approved
  • Long life disinfectant technology means you use less

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When putting together an overall effective cleaning plan for your business or home there are several factors to consider.

For instance, will you require:

  • disinfectant cleaner
  • industrial disinfectant spray
  • antimicrobial cleaner
  • mould Remover
  • bacteria cleaner
  • antivirus cleaner
  • Long life disinfectant
  • disinfectant cleaning spray
  • antiviral cleaner
  • antimicrobial cleaner
  • Odour eliminator

Because some, or all of these elements are part of modern disinfectant and cleaning requirements, and all are covered by a product in the DuroKleen range.

There are some key things you need to determine when coming up with a cleaning and disinfecting plan. What kind of surfaces are you needing to clean, disinfect and keep disinfected? Are they predominantly hard or soft, or a mixture? Are they substances such as material (clothing, leather). Do they include carpets, upholstery and furniture? Will you need to treat and disinfect clothing and uniforms? Or filters and filtration systems?

Then you need to also be aware of the type of environment you are working within. This might include hospitals, aged care homes, child care facilities, schools, agricultural premises, restaurants, marine workplaces and the home. Requirements can be very different in each. For example, cross contamination concerns can be key in aged care, child care and restaurants where people are often at close quarters, touching common surfaces multiple times, and food stuffs are present.

So, as you’re probably starting to realise, the world of disinfecting and cleaning can be a complex and challenging task. Let’s look at our three DuroKleen products and how they meet these specific challenges.

First, we have DuroDaily which is a 2 in 1 cleaner. Designed for cleaning and protecting frequently touched surfaces: think schools, restaurants, aged care, hospitals etc. It initially gets rid of bacteria, dirt, grime, food and mould. Then for the following 24 hours, protects the surface from mould, bacteria, fungi, algae, and other microbes plus air-borne viruses and prevents odours. Think of it as your frontline daily attack weapon against dirt, germs and bacteria.

Next up we have DuroPax, which you may have seen featured on Channel Nine’s Today Show. This formula also features a 2 in 1 approach, but is more geared towards protecting in travel environments like, aircrafts, trains, trams, cars, buses, taxis and uber rides. Basically where ever you have a wide demographic of people, with varying ages, using transportation services. DuroPax will clean and disinfect the surface at the same time and then provide up to 48 hours ongoing, continuous protection against harmful microbes.

Finally, we have DuroKleen’s Antimicrobial Surface Treatment that provides a long-lasting, invisible biostatic barrier that prevents the growth of moulds, mildew, fungus, algae, bacteria and viruses on a wide range of hard and soft surfaces. This formula combats 90 known pathogens, including, COVID-19, Golden Staph, influenza and MRSA. This treatment gives your surfaces, hard and soft immediate protection as a hospital grade disinfectant, but then also lasts for up to 100 days after that initial treatment.

So, in terms of all-purpose cleaners, we have all your needs covered. You’ll find our DuroKleen range ticks all the necessary boxes:

  • Kills germs and surface odours instantly.
  • Water based – no toxic fumes.
  • It’s safe to use, easy to apply.
  • Won’t stain, bleach or burn.
  • Kills mould, bacteria and viruses too.
  • No chlorine or dangerous chemicals.
  • Can be used on almost any surface, hard or soft.

Because you are really getting to the heart of any mould, bacteria and germ problem, with DuroKleen’s range, you’re not just experiencing a short-term remedy, with staff having to continuously re-treat surfaces to make sure they are usable. Similarly, when you kill the microbes you’re not just covering up or masking the unpleasant odours they produce. Odours are really just the by-products of microbes doing what they do, breaking down matter and food. So, when you get rid of the source microbes you also get rid of the smells.

As you can see there’s a lot to think about here. So, the best thing we find is to have a complimentary consultation session with one of our informative DuroKleen Field Officers. They are expert at providing the appropriate solutions for your specific needs. They’ll make sure you don’t make any mistakes and get the most cost-effective strategies for your business. On large, commercial scope, long term projects, they can also tailor a cost solution to your needs.

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Durokleen is a modern disinfectant that works in a completely different way to virtuallyany other. With Lasting antimicrobial qualities.


DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses