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Bioclean is a word that we’ve probably all come across, but what does the word bioclean actually mean, and why might it be important? In this article we’ll look at that and also at a number of key terms that are relevant when finding out about the best disinfectant and sanitizing products, and how the DuroKleen range of antimicrobial products fits in with this. Those terms are:

  • Antivirus cleaner
  • Long life disinfectant
  • COVID Disinfectant
  • COVID sanitiser
  • Hospital grade disinfectant spray
  • Hand hygiene
  • Antimicrobial

As most people reading this have realised, since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold at the beginning of 2020, our responsibilities as business owners, company directors and even home makers to try to ensure safe working and living environments in the new “COVID normal” world has become paramount.

So back to the word Bioclean. Well bio basically means life, and clean as we all know means free from dirt, grime, stains, and you could extrapolate this to mean germs. Certainly ‘life’ could have two meanings in this context. The microbes that make up bacteria, and viruses, causing mould, sickness and odour, are most definitely alive. So Biocleaning can be taken to mean the process of killing and keeping these microbes off the surfaces we use and the air we breathe. Then of course Biocleaning could be thought of as creating a ‘clean’ life. Probably though it’s both.

So, if we want a bioclean environment how best do we go about achieving it? In pre-COVID days, although far from ideal, the traditional approach was to disinfect and kill microbes with a heavy-handed approach and such chemicals as ammonia, formaldehyde and chlorine. But in the current environment, with its more rigorous requirements, these chemicals just aren’t effective enough. Mainly because their treatments are so short lived—once used, harmful bacteria and viruses can often start re-multiplying in a matter of minutes. Plus they emit harsh chemical odours that affect humans and pets’ respiratory systems, burn skin, irritate eyes, and bleach and stain clothes.

DuroKleen long term Anti-microbial disinfectant on the other hand works in a completely different way to traditional disinfecting agents and is environmentally clean. DuroKleen products actually forms a potent antimicrobial layer on surfaces you treat, electrostatically binding at a molecular level to form a stable, long-lasting barrier. The outside layers of microbial cells are made up of net negatively-charged lipid (fatty) molecules. The positively charged lipophilic tails of molecules that form the Durokleen coating destroy offending microbes by fatally interacting both physically and chemically with the outer layers of the microbial cells.

Once DuroKleen’s long term antimicrobial solution has been applied to a surface or material, new bacteria that is introduced to the area or remnants that try to start reproducing again are negated, and this process can be effective for up to one hundred days. Going forwards, it’s not just going to be whether you can kill bacteria and viruses, but also how long you can then keep them at bay and prevent them re-infecting a surface.

Then of course, since COVID, we are also using so much more disinfectant and sanitiser, because we are having to clean and sanitise so much more regularly. This means that if we were, as a community, to keep using traditional substances like the bleaches mentioned previously, plus vinegar and alcohol-based sanitising solutions, a great deal more of these harmful substances would inevitably make their way out into our environment.

Because they work in such a different manner, DuroKleen’s water-based products, provide you with safety but not at a cost to our environment. You have the peace of mind that you are dealing with the bacteria and germ threats, without leaving an egregious environmental footprint.

So in DuroKleen, you have what we believe is the most effective Bioclean products on the market to act as an antivirus cleaner and a long life disinfectant, plus be effective as a specific COVID disinfectant and sanitiser. And yes, you can be assured that DuroKleen is the equivalent or superior of hospital grade disinfectants and works effectively at that antimicrobial level.

If you want more advice and help on tailoring a DuroKleen bioclean solution to your particular businesses needs, please feel free to contact our friendly and expert DuroKleen field officers. They can consult with you quickly and easily over the phone and help. You can also browse our website, where we have a wealth of information for both industry and domestic applications.


DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses