Cleaning and disinfecting for schools

Schools, especially primary schools, can be a hot bed for the growth and spread of viruses and infections. Children are sometimes not the best at maintaining good hygiene practices, so a full-proof “system of safety,” really needs to be built around them.

The DuroKleen range can be the cornerstone of the hygiene and sanitization blanket we place around our kids at school, and here’s how.

Because of the aforementioned poor hygiene displayed by many children, especially younger ones, and the close proximity of students and staff in schools, the risk of transmission of viruses and infections from a single source is high. Thus the emphasis has to be on first creating as sanitary school environment as possible, then maintaining this environment for as long as possible.

Let’s examine three products in the DuroKleen range and how they can best be utilized in the school cleaning environment.

So many items and areas in a school setting require frequent spot cleaning and disinfecting, and DuroDaily is ideal for this application. It will cover staff rooms, class rooms, sports facilities, computer labs and auditoriums. Allowing you to keep the full range of desks, chairs, curtains, walls, air conditioners, carpet, equipment, storage units clean and sanitised on a daily basis.

Although a powerful cleaner DuroDaily is also a plant based, bio degradable formula that will not cause any irritation to children and staff or cleaners. As it dries, like all DuroKleen products, it also forms an antimicrobial biostatic barrier that lasts and protects for longer than a normal 24-hour school cleaning cycle.

It is ideal to have the handy 750ml of DuroDaily on site in every classroom and communal area for teachers and staff to deal with the inevitable “accidents” that are part of normal school life, especially with the younger brigade!

Next in the trio of DuroKleen effectiveness is DuroPax. This powerful 2 in 1 cleaner and disinfectant should be used by your cleaning staff on all surfaces that are frequently touched. Proven effective against more than 90 harmful pathogens including influenza, MRSA and Human Coronavirus, and combined with superior durations of effectiveness (up to 48 hours), DuroPax has been dubbed “an Australian-first cleaning innovation”.

Being a 2 in 1 cleaner and disinfectant, cleaning time is effectively halved, and your cleaning team are using only one product instead of many, which means stock control is easy to manage. It has also been proven that with effectively an extra 50% of cleaning time at their disposal, cleaners can cover more territory and thus reach more potential trouble spots. This boosts their morale around a job well done as they know they are carrying out a thorough job and protecting young children and the teachers vital to their education.

Interestingly a research study is currently being undertaken by the Department of Education involving 80 public schools, education centres and residential colleges. The focus of this study is centred around positive tests and onward transmissions from the index case with the target outcome to provide greater understanding of the role’s schools play in the transmissibility of COVID-19. These studies demonstrate the importance of developing better practices and guiding principles within schools to help protect students, staff and the wider community from all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses moving forward.

This is where DuroKleen long term antimicrobial hospital grade disinfectant really shows its worth. After your staff have used DuroPax and/or DuroDaily within their normal cleaning cycle, they should also additionally periodically use DuroKleen to provide up to 100 days antimicrobial protection.

DuroKleen’s technology physically disrupts harmful organisms, effectively using static electricity to offend microbes and prevent the creation of feared “superbugs” without the reliance of dangerous chemicals. Effective against a wide range of pathogenic microbes such as the current pandemic of COVID 19, the ever-increasing impact of MRSA, Staph, H1N1 and other bacteria and viruses. It will also assist in dealing with long term recurrent issues such as, Impetigo, Tinea, Fungi and Cellulitis.

DuroKleen can easily be distributed over large a schools large communal and classroom areas by fogging, or electrostatically spraying. It can also be wiped onto items and surfaces and even added to the wash cycle of school and sports uniforms.

For full advice on how to combine the different products in our DuroKleen range to most effectively deal with your school’s challenges, feel free to contact us for advice.

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