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One of the most tragic aspects of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, that gripped us from the early part of 2020 onwards, was the number of residents of aged care facilities that were lost to loved ones. Over the year it became clear that the older members of our communities, and especially if they were residents of aged care facilities, were often also some of the most vulnerable, and at the highest risk of infection and death.

Problems that have always been a part of aged care facilities, were brought into sharp focus, and heightened by the pandemic. Although a great many countries continue to struggle against the tide of COVID-19, and might for a long time to come. Some, like Australia, where DuroKleen is produced and was developed, have been lucky enough to stem the tide of deaths in aged care.

As bleak as things have been at times for this sector, there are positives on the horizon. A number of COVID-19 vaccines may, even by the time this article goes to publication, be available. Additionally, the Australian Federal Governments Royal Commission, announced 16th September 2018, will have its findings on endemic problems within the aged care industry released by 26th February 2021. Added to this, the pandemic, and the resulting media and community spot light it brought with it, have shone on  aged care more than maybe any other sector, and rightly so.

Many improvements will hopefully be made over the next few years, and crucial amongst them must be the raising of hygiene and cleanliness standards to protect residents, not just from COVID-19, but a raft of other potential infections and viruses. In view of this the need for world leading, cutting edge, innovative cleaning and disinfecting products is vital—and this is where we feel the DuroKleen range has a key contribution to make.

The process of cleaning and disinfecting an aged care facility has to satisfy four main criteria:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting need to be able to be carried out safely at any time of the day. Aged care facilities never close as residents are always in attendance. Harsh chemicals, that might produce toxic fumes and burn or irritate sensitive skin are hazardous in these environments.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting products must deliver maximum effective potency for as long as possible to provide the highest levels of safety against viruses and infection.
  • Cleaning staff must be able to get their job done quickly and effectively, sometimes within very narrow windows of opportunity when communal areas are vacant.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting products must be able to cope with the everyday spills, emergencies and spot cleaning challenges that are an everyday part of aged care life.

In response to this, firstly, we have DuroKleen, our flagship product which is a hospital grade long term antimicrobial disinfectant. DuroKleen technology imparts a long-lasting defence against a broad range of micro-organisms—even including fungi that cause problems such as “black mould”, mildew and algae—by providing an invisible biostatic barrier on treated surfaces. Harmful microbes can become prevalent wherever high humidity is present, such as shower areas, gyms and aquatic areas, all of which are in daily use in aged care, and DuroKleen helps you deal with these challenges.

Under favourable conditions this barrier has been proven to last up to 100 days. Especially important as in the general community 80% of all transmissions occur through hands touching contaminated surfaces, with a resulting 56% of all infections then occurring cutaneously (through the skin). Amongst aged care residents, where sores and easily broken skin allow germs, viruses and bacteria to invade peoples bodies, these figures can easily become much higher.

DuroKleen is effective right across communal areas, laundry, all equipment and a multitude of shared items. The more often you utilise DuroKleen, the safer your facility will be.

DuroDaily is our world beating cleaning and disinfecting solution ideal for frequently touched areas. Suitable as a general spot cleaner, it is a bio-degradable, plant-based formula that will not cause irritation to clients and staff with sensitive skin conditions. As it dries it also provides a 24-hour effective barrier against the transmission of harmful microbes.

For your regular cleaning cycle take advantage of DuroPax, which on one hand is a heavy hitting though safe cleaner to get rid of grime and dirt. But on the other hand, incorporates DuroKleen technology, to also provide up to 48-hour protection against microbes via it’s biostatic a barrier.

For advice and help with how the DuroKleen range of products can help your aged care facility maximise its safety outcomes please contact one of our specialised Field Officers for advice.

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