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Prior to 2020 public transport was something most of us jumped onto and used without a second thought to our safety. If someone had asked any of us what our concerns around safety might be when using a bus, train, tram, plane, taxi or Uber ride, we might have thought of traffic accidents, mechanical failure, aggression from other passengers, but few of us would’ve expressed concern about contracting a potentially life-threatening disease from the person sitting next to us?

That has now all changed. And even if and when a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is successful and made available, we will probably never return to the hygiene complacency we previously displayed in using these modes of transport.

The need for top grade cleaning and disinfecting products, that are non-toxic, and environmentally clean is greater than ever before and this is why, at DuroKleen Australia, we believe we have a vital role to play.

Before we take a look at the DuroKleen range—it’s features, benefits and applications—let’s describe the public transport landscape we’re dealing with and the health threats present.

Yes, lately the focus been on COVID-19, but we are not just talking about customers who are at risk of transmitting and contracting infections like COVID-19, staph, MRSA, H1N1, Herpes Simplex, SARS, Hepatitis b, Hepatitis C, HIV-1 and numerous other viruses and infections. There are also millions of drivers, cashiers, station attendants, platform announcers and maintenance crew worldwide who are also at risk.

Transmission of these falls within four categories:

  1. Directly inhaled respiratory droplets, suspended airborne particles, or both;
  2. Direct contact with faecal matter, blood, or other bodily fluids.
  3. Contact with respiratory secretions, faecal matter or bodily fluids deposited on surfaces, or for ventilation crews, entrained in ventilation systems.
  4. Proximity to other passengers, airborne infection and exposure to surfaces interacted by infected people.

DuroKleen has a product that will combat all of these four threats.

First up is DuroPax

This should be the workhorse of your regular cleaning cycle. Powered by DuroKleen technology, DuroPax is a combination cleaner and disinfectant especially formulated for the professional cleaning and protecting of frequently touched surfaces, like those found on public transport. These might include seats, seatbelts, arm rests, buttons, card scanners, handles, doors, poles, hand rails, counters, tray tables, food preparation and serving areas, toilets, eftpos machines, windows, and a host of other surfaces.

DuroPax allows you firstly to clean any surface, soft, hard or cloth. Then as it dries it self-assembles into a safe but powerful antimicrobial barrier that kills and retards unwanted microbes and mould for up to 48 hours, the length of an average cleaning cycle. DuroPax is a long-lasting surface protecting disinfectant that offers superior performance than our competitors in the control of harmful pathogens, odour causing bacteria, mould and algae. It is easy to apply and emits no toxic fumes.

Next, we have DuroKleen

Once surfaces are cleaned with DuroPax, it is wise to also apply DuroKleen at regular intervals. DuroKleen is a hospital grade disinfectant that provides a 100-day bio-static barrier against harmful microbes. It can be applied with a damp cloth, but also, when customers have vacated transport for the day, large areas like train carriages, bus interiors, platforms, air-conditioning vents and waiting rooms can be fogged, or electrostatically sprayed with DuroKleen, allowing for full coverage and protection with a minimum of time and fuss.

Once applied, DuroKleen has a proven effectiveness against more than 90 harmful pathogens including influenza, MRSA and Human Coronavirus, combined with superior durations of effectiveness (up to 100 days) DuroKleen has been dubbed “an Australian-first cleaning innovation”.

DuroKleen also makes an ideal hand sanitiser and can be deployed throughout public transport for the added safety of your customers and staff.

And don’t forget DuroDaily!

DuroDaily is your go anywhere, immediate solution for spot spills, emergencies and daily cleaning. It comes in a full range of sizes but the 750ml handy spray bottle can easily fit into the glove compartment of even an Uber driver’s vehicle, and be accessed in moments. Have DuroDaily on hand for all your staff as a backup to your other DuroKleen products. It can be used without any need for protective gloves or clothing.

For full advice on how DuroKleen’s range can help safeguard your passengers and staff please contact one of our friendly Field Officers for advice.

DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses