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Sports teams were some of the hardest hit when restrictions around COVID-19 were introduced. Unfortunately the lethal transmission cocktail of—people in extremely close quarters, breath droplets, perspiration and blood potentially contacting other players, trainers and umpires—proved too risky, and virtually all team sports were closed down.

This meant the facilities they operated out of were also shut and in tandem with this went all commercial indoor sports and gym venues, plus the majority of outdoor venues as well.

As some countries started to achieve low transmission, and new cases rates, Australia being a leading example. Sports clubs and indoor sporting venues have been able to re-open. But what COVID-19 did highlight was how easily viruses and infections could be transmitted in a sports environment. The challenge now is to be able to create the most sanitary, hygienic sporting complex possible and maintain extremely high levels of transmission protection. Doing this means we not only combat the COVID-19 virus, but also a range of other historical, pre-existing health threats as well as new ones which, just like COVID-19, could come our way in the future.

A study done by the National Athletic Trainers Association of the USA undertaken by the University of North Carolina, Cornell University and Lehigh University with a focus on skin diseases and cross contamination highlighted “The nature of athletics and physical contact sports exposes the skin of its participants to a wide variety of stresses. Trauma, environmental factors and infectious agents act together to continually attack the integrity of the skin”.

The list of items, surfaces and equipment that need to be safeguarded in sports complex’s is almost overwhelming, but be assured, there is a DuroKleen product that will cover them. Some of the key areas are: Training and locker rooms – tables, ice machines, spas and pools. Team meeting rooms. Bathrooms and showers. Weight rooms and training equipment – benches, bars and handles. Sports and exercise mats. Laundry – uniforms, towels and training clothes, gym bags and shoes. Artificial turf surfaces. Administration and catering facilities. Carpeted areas. Air conditioning filters. Transport and storage facilities, and medical support equipment.

Let’s look at the correct cleaning protocols for dealing with different areas and the items within them.

All frequently used and touched items should receive daily or spot cleans with DuroDaily which has been especially formulated for daily use. DuroDaily is not just any ordinary cleaner, as it dries it forms an invisible long-term surface barrier that eliminates 99.9% of the microbial causes of disease, odour and mould. DuroDaily is a world best cleaning and disinfectant solution because it provides antimicrobial protection that lasts up to 24 hours to cover you during a normal cleaning cycle.

Then use DuroPax for your regular cleaning cycle. DuroPax, a modern, eco-friendly and longer-lasting surface cleaner and protecting disinfectant that offers superior performance in the control of harmful pathogens, odour causing bacteria, mould and algae. It is easy to apply and emits no toxic fumes. DuroPax gives you up to 48 hours of antimicrobial protection, so it’s ideal for road trips, where equipment may be shared, but cleaning and disinfecting is not practical between every single use.

When using DuroPax

  1. Spray the surface liberally, ensure the whole surface needing to be cleaned is sprayed
  2. Prepare a cloth dampened with DuroPax. Using a dampened cloth helps achieve complete coverage and ensures longer lasting protection
  3. Wipe over the surface, spreading solution and removing any dirt or grime. Wiping the surface over ensures complete coverage
  4. Allow DuroPax solution to air-dry for over 15 seconds. Best results are achieved by leaving the solution to dry free from any friction or heat.
  5. 15 seconds allows for our bio-static barrier to form. The bio-static barrier offers 48-hour protection of the surface from bacteria, algae and viruses
  6. Enjoy a longer lasting, safe surface DuroPax can offer up to 48 hours protection if the surface is left unaltered.

Last but not least is the long-term antimicrobial barrier of protection that DuroKleen offers. DuroKleen fills the gap between cleanings. It provides the 24/7 surface protection or “the Clean between the cleans”. The more it is used the cleaner your surfaces stay. This is your protection against viruses, infection, bacteria plus fungi that cause problems such as “black mould”, mildew and algae.

Using DuroKleen regularly, especially in high humidity areas such as showers, gyms and aquatic areas, significantly raises the hygiene and transmission free zones throughout your sporting club. 

As an added benefit DuroKleen eliminates and prevents all the foul odours that bacteria creates as it breaks down sweat, blood and other organic matter that are common in sports complex.

Use the three-way protection of DuroDaily, DuroPax and Durokleen, to win the battle against viral and infection transmission in your sporting club or facility.

DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses