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DuroKleen Global provides the most effective range of commercial cleaning and disinfecting products currently on the market. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Our range starts with DuroDaily, a 2 in 1 cleaner specially created for cleaning and protecting frequently touched areas. As its name suggests DuroDaily is ideal to be used every day and will not bleach, stain or burn even sensitive surfaces.

DuroDaily is powered by DuroKleen technology and will initially rid any surface of dirt, grime, bacteria and mould. It then keeps surfaces protected for a normal 24-hour cleaning cycle against the harmful effects of bacteria, microbes and other airborne nasties.

DuroDaily is a less concentrated, water based formula, so it won’t irritate the skin of customers, employees or cleaning staff. It’s also ideal as a spot cleaner, and can be used without any protective clothing, gloves or masks. Being a multifunctional product, containing both cleaning and disinfecting properties, DuroDaily can replace multiple products you might currently have had to carry and use. This means less products for your cleaning staff to transport to jobs, and less work for you as a company, in terms of storage and time, taken dealing with clumsy multi-product inventory.

DuroDaily comes in a handy 750ml spray bottle at $19.99, a 5L pack at $126.60, and our 20L bulk pack with a tap at $495.

Next in our commercial cleaning regime we have DuroPax, which is our professional cleaning and disinfecting formula. DuroPax offers superior performance in the control of harmful pathogens, odour causing bacteria, mould and algae. Like all DuroKleen products it is easy to apply and emits no toxic fumes.

DuroPax provides full antimicrobial protection over the lifespan of your regular cleaning cycle. It can be used on any hard, soft or water-resistant surfaces, including fabrics. After it cleans, and while it’s drying, it forms an invisible antimicrobial barrier to protect the surface. Because it achieves two outcomes in one, DuroPax has been shown to halve cleaning time, reduce stock control issues and thus increase the effectiveness and morale of cleaning staff. A reduction in cleaning time, whilst still achieving an outstanding result, and providing ongoing continuous protection means that your team can get to more clients and sites without an increase in wage costs to you as a business owner—that sounds like a win to us!

Proven effective against more than 90 harmful pathogens including influenza, MRSA and Human Coronavirus, combined with superior durations of effectiveness against our competitors (up to 48 hours), DuroPax has been dubbed “an Australian-first cleaning innovation”.

DuroPax also comes in a 750ml spray bottle at $21.99, a 5L pack at $139.99 and a 20L bulk pack at $495.

Finally we have, as the name would suggest, our flagship product—DuroKleen.

Unlike other disinfectants that have harsh chemical bases, DuroKleen produces no harmful VOC’s, is water based and is constructed from non-allergenic compounds. 

When DuroKleen is applied to a surface it creates a 99.9% sanitary environment. It does this by molecularly bonding with the surface to produce an invisible biostatic barrier against, viruses and bacteria, including mould and mildew. DuroKleen’s technology physically disrupts offending microbes by creating an impenetrable layer of microscopic, positively charged chains of molecules that coat the surface you want to protect. As undesirable molecules (bacteria, viruses) come into contact with the DuroKleen molecules, the positive charge and lipophilic tails of the DuroKleen molecules fatally weaken the outer cell walls of the negatively charged microbial cells. This protective layer, if left unaltered, has then been shown to last up to 100 days.

We recommend deep-cleans, fogging or electrostatic spraying with DuroKleen to be completed every month for maximum effectiveness and continuous 24/7 safety.

DuroKleen Global allows you as a commercial cleaning operation to offer clients a proactive preventative program to overcome both existing and potential microbial contamination on a wider variety of surfaces than any current alternative.

We’d love to have the DuroKleen world class range of cleaning and disinfecting products make the difference for your cleaning business, that it already has done for thousands of businesses across the globe.

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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses