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There’s no doubt that movie theatres have historically been one of the most popular forms of entertainment, catering to millions of people worldwide. They’ve also proven to be one of the most resilient entertainment industries—remember the video revolution of the 80’s? When it was thought movie houses would become extinct; well they weathered that storm. Or even the streaming, proliferation of our current age? Cinema’s will no doubt survive that as well. There’s something about the shared social experience of sitting in a darkened movie theatre, enjoying the big screen big sound experience with others that hopefully, will never leave us.

Since the advent of COVID-19, the biggest threat it seems, to this much-loved institution, is not competitors but tiny microscopic microbes.

With often hundreds of people inhabiting just one movie theatre throughout a typical day, COVID-19 has served to bring into focus and highlight a problem that has always existed—the ease with which viruses and infections can be transmitted at the movies.

Even if the world finds a viable effective vaccine against COVID-19, that can be rolled out worldwide, any number of viruses could at any time take its place. Then there are the historical threats of MRSA, Staph, H1N1, Herpes, Impetigo, Tinea, Fungi and Cellulitis. and other bacteria and viruses that have always been present. It’s clear the challenge will be ongoing.

So for the industry to remain, and for people to feel safe attending, and staff to be content working in this industry, clean, sanitary spaces are paramount.

The cleaning and disinfecting challenges within a cinema are many and varied.

Here is a list of the obvious, important areas that need to be focused on, the frequently touched surfaces such as:


Incorporating hand rails, arcade machines, ticket booths, food dispensers, self-serve ticket machines lounge chairs of various fabric materials.


Where we find, cash registers, eftpos machines, food/ drink dispensers, food racks, counter tops, freezers and fridges.


Featuring, hand rails, chairs, arm rests, headrests, bins, door handles, cup trays, leg rests, booster seats and carpet. 


Where we find, handles, hair dryers, basins, toilet buttons, toilets, stall locks and paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.

Additionally with the advent of “Gold Class” and “corporate event” type experiences, cinema goers often now have closer interactions with staff serving them food and drinks in their seats. Bringing another level of complexity to the cleaning challenge.

Industry studies have shown that one in five people who use the restroom don’t wash their hands, with only around 30% of those washing their hands using soap.

Additionally, with food readily available, popcorn and choc tops being an example of staple purchases, the risk of transmitting harmful pathogens to guest’s food from touching a contaminated surface and then their own food directly, is another high-risk scenario to be combatted.

DuroKleen should be used at regular intervals across all areas of cinemas, to disinfect, provide long term antimicrobial protection and lessen the chance of transmission and cross contamination. It can be effectively applied to large areas, such as the main cinema floor, by fogging, electrostatically spraying, or wiping directly on surfaces. DuroKleen is effective on all hard and soft surfaces, but is also effective on cloth and material, so the large curtains used in front of movie screens, and hanging on the sides of theatres for sound dampening purposes can also be treated. As can be the uniforms of staff.

DuroDaily allows your ushering staff to “spot clean” effectively between sessions. Once DuroDaily dries, it forms an invisible long-term (up to 24 hours) surface barrier that eliminates 99.9% of the microbial causes of disease, odour and mould. Protecting, and in a way isolating, one session of theatre goers from the next.

Whilst the current DuroDaily Range includes a multipurpose surface cleaning disinfectant, work is being done to create dedicated laundry, personal care and more general hygiene products infused with DuroKleen’s safe antimicrobial technology. Which we think will prove invaluable for the cinema industry.

Then there’s DuroPax, which can be your team leader, for your dedicated cleaning team in their regular cleaning cycle. It will rid the cinema of dirt and grime, then also provide up to 48-hours protection against the regrowth of bacteria and viruses.

Not only will this lead to cleaner, safer cinema’s they will also smell cleaner as foul odours emanating from bacteria and mould will be significantly reduced and prevented.

DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses