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Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic a great deal of the emphasis on cleaning and sanitisation has been around physical surfaces and how to keep them contaminate free.

However there is another area that has recently received increased scrutiny—and that is the air that we breath.  Studies have shown, that with the COVID-19 virus, droplets containing the virus can travel much further than was first thought, and if it’s true for the COVID-19 virus it stands to reason that it would be true for some other viruses as well.

It has been qualified and reported that recently over 239 scientists from 32 countries wrote an open letter to the World Health Organisation, arguing that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through the air. A critical issue was raised by the National Institute of Health that found that the Coronavirus can linger in the air for up to 4 hours in an aerosol form.

And when we are indoors, whether at home, office or in a commercial premises, a great deal of this air passes through the air filters that are part of every air-conditioning unit. This means that viruses, bacteria and mould spores can easily be drawn up into air-conditioning filters, then effectively stay suspended in those filters while they (the bacteria and mould) multiply, and proliferate, only to then once again become detached from the filter, and sent back out into the air that we breathe.

So, the question becomes: How do we make sure the air we breathe has not picked up dangerous viruses and bacteria through filter systems?

Common sense might suggest that if we remove an air filter from a unit and either vacuum it or rinse it out that it is “clean”, but clean in no way means sanitized. There could still be millions of bacteria, mould and harmful viral microbes present on the surface of the filter.

Of course, although air-conditioning filters are the main subject of this article, air filters are used in thousands of machines worldwide and the cleaning recommendations we make here can be applied across the board. DuroKleen Global understands the importance of this area and we have developed strategies that will help the efficiency and safety of your air-conditioning filters.

Three key areas that present are:


 Ducted heating, spilt systems and air-conditioner filters.


Heating and cooling units on trams, buses and trains.


Industrial cooling and heating units

The types of filters that need to be dealt with can include: Pre-Filters, Bag Filters, Galvanised Panel Filters, Low Resistance Filters, Synthetic Bag Filters, Industrial Filters.

At DuroKleen our products have been rigorously tested to assure the quality of our products and to make sure they deliver the desired result. We have also implemented highly controlled application procedures and a comprehensive quality control programs to achieve efficient and effective integration of the antimicrobial chemistry into air filtration media.

To apply DuroKleen effectively you can use fogging, or electrostatic spraying (which is especially effective when needing to get coverage on hard to reach filters or over a large area) or wiped onto filters with a damp cloth.

Importantly, make sure once applied, you leave the solution to dry for at least 15 seconds, then a further 15 seconds before putting the filter back into operation where it might come into contact with friction and thus not allow the bio-static antimicrobial barrier to form to its full capacity. Once formed, if the biostatic barrier is left unaltered, it can last and protect the air passing through the unit for up to 100 days.

As air-conditioning is a specialised area, DuroKleen is happy to work directly with you and your unique circumstances to create an effective proactive preventative plan based on your infrastructure. To arrange an assessment please contact

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DuroKleen Mould Remover

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