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If there’s one cleaning task that is looked forward to less than any other it is probably cleaning the grout between tiles. Dirt, grime, mould and mildew get in there and for some reason seem to embed themselves, and be harder to get rid of than in almost any other area. We all like the look of tiled areas, but keeping them, and the grout in between them clean has been a challenge for years.

One of the big reasons this is such a frustration is that it is time consuming area to clean. And for some reason mould, mildew and stains seem to somehow come back faster in this area than any other.

There are in fact a few good reasons for this and luckily the DuroKleen range of products can help with all of them.

Firstly, tiles are mostly smooth and harder for microbes to get a hold on that the rougher, sometimes porous, (especially if it they have become worn) grouted areas between tiles. Tiles are also mostly to be found in bathroom areas, which are often moist and humid for extended periods of time—unfortunately this is exactly the conditions in which, microbes, bacteria, spores and fungi proliferate.

Often when you clean with regular cleaners, you’re just masking and camouflaging the problem. You may scrub away for an extended time and the surface may look clean, but what you can’t see is the microscopic nasties that have not been eradicated, and are still present, just waiting for the right conditions to start multiplying again.

Of course even if, with a conventional cleaner, you have been able to render the surface sanitary, no ongoing protection has been provided, so the first molecules of bacteria or mould to land on the surface, begin to multiply again almost immediately.

What you need instead is to clean and then protect the tiled and grouted areas.

The product we would suggest first for this would be DuroPax, our potent, 2 in 1 commercial grade cleaner and disinfectant. Firstly, it is a powerful cleaner and will render surfaces treated with it 99.9% sanitary. With it you’ll know that you have ridded the grout between the tiles, and the tiles themselves of virtually all offending microbes. Then once it dries DuroPax reassembles into an antimicrobial biostatic barrier that protects the surface from regrowth and contamination for upwards of 48 hours, roughly the period of a normal commercial cleaning cycle.

If it’s unrealistic for your tiled areas to be cleaned with Duropax every 48 hours, and you would like to know you are still keeping mould, mildew, bacteria at bay we highly recommend periodically deploying DuroKleen. This is our long term hospital grade disinfectant. Once applied DuroKleen forms a potent antimicrobial layer on surfaces you treat, electrostatically binding at a molecular level to form a stable, long-lasting barrier. The outside layers of microbial cells are made up of net negatively-charged lipid (fatty) molecules. The positively charged lipophilic tails of molecules that form the DuroKleen coating destroy offending microbes by fatally interacting both physically and chemically with the outer layers of the microbial cells.

Studies have show that DuroKleen, in the right conditions, can then go on retarding the regrowth of harmful microbes for up to 100 days. That means the treated tile and grout areas are not just clean, but sanitary and safe as well.

Lastly, in our triple attack strategy against mould, mildew and bacteria in grouted areas is DuroDaily. Many households now have our 750ml handy spray bottle on hand in the bathroom where family members can quickly spot clean and deal with nasties at the first sign of them getting a foothold. DuroDaily is a non-toxic formula that can be safely used by the whole family, (although of course exercise the normal cautions with younger members of the household as you would with any cleaning products as no DuroKleen products are meant to be consumed.)

As you can see, either employing a single DuroKleen product or our full range will render unsightly mould, mildew and the smells that are associated with them just a memory for your home, or workplace.

All of our range come in sizes that suit the smallest domestic application, right through to the largest commercial requirements. Feel free to contact us at for specific advice.

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For a standard bathroom use 750ML of DuroDaily per month. Kills germs, mould and mildew. Disinfectant protection against bacteria and viruses. For standard bathroom use 750ml per month.



For extra protection buy DuroKleen which creates a continuous protective barrier to stop new germs, mould or mildew forming. Use 200ml of DuroKleen per month.


DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses