Hospital grade disinfectant

Scientific advancement in hospital grade cleaners

  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • Long lasting (up to 100 days)
  • Multi-surface Disinfectant
  • Kill viruses and bacteria
  • EPA approved disinfectant

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For an intensive industrial application (e.g., restaurants, hospital etc) estimated usage is 2L of DuroDaily per month and 1L of DuroKleen per 10 square meters.

For standard domestic use, 1L or DuroDaily and 100 ML of DuroKleen per month is recommended per 10 square meters.

The DuroKleen hospital grade disinfectant solution provides long lasting protection (for up to 100 days) against harmful bacteria, fungi, and algae. Traditional cleaning products are short-lived and can last from just minutes to (at most) 3 days.

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When you hear the words hospital grade germicidal disinfectant, for many people images of sterile hospital operating theatres might come to mind. Whether the workplace you’re trying to protect is indeed a hospital—or an aged care facility, or early childhood, or any other setting when disease control and hygiene are paramount—you would want to create and maintain the safest environment possible.

With traditional disinfectants like bleach and acidic based Hospital Grade Disinfectant, they can stain and burn, and also produce toxic fumes. Most hospitals have just resigned themselves to putting up with the negatives in order to try to have a bacteria free space. Additionally, using these traditional cleaners means many man hours of constant cleaning, because, although they kill existing germs on surfaces within minutes, the beneficial properties of these cleaners can evaporate, they don’t provide ongoing protection for any practical length of time.

Well thankfully now there is an alternative in DuroKleen’s longer lasting, hospital grade germicidal disinfectant. And it’s never been a timelier solution.

First of all, DuroKleen is safer. Because it works in a completely different way Durokleen doesn’t emit any toxic fumes, and is perfectly safe to use, as long as the correct instructions are followed. In any health setting it will help to either kill or control germs, bacteria, E-coli, Corona virus and other sources of germs. As a sanitiser it inhibits and controls bacteria and mould. Then because it is such a long-lasting treatment, it is especially valuable in environments like hospitals, where cross-contamination and odour problems occur, due to high volume exposure and frequent re-contamination sources.

To get the best results from Durokleen, first clean and dry the area you wish to treat. A surface can be hard or soft, and include vinyl, leather and fabric, and because Durokleen doesn’t stain or burn—when used correctly—you are not risking damage to your furnishings or clothing. You can apply Durokleen evenly over any surface by spraying, misting, soaking or wiping. Just refer to our usage guidelines on the product labels, or utilise literature on our website.

Once our long-term antimicrobial disinfectant has been applied, effectively any unwanted substances are now coming into contact with the antimicrobial barrier it has created and not the surface itself. The surface is now protected and can stay that way for anywhere up to 100 days. Because of the long-lasting effects, you not only save on cleaning staff costs but you are not having to use the thousands of litres of environmentally unfriendly and expensive disinfectants you used to.

DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses