How to apply DuroKleen

When using DuroKleen you can apply it to both hard and soft surfaces, (like leather, clothing and upholstery). You can spray, mist, soak or simply wipe on with a cloth.

Now, before you start applying DuroKleen you must clean the surface you’re going to be treating, and as far as practical dry it as well. This is most effectively achieved using DuroKleen’s combination Disinfectant and Cleaner.  Then apply DuroKleen evenly over the whole surface you want to disinfect and protect. It’s important not to miss any spots, as the harmful microbes in that area may not be killed, and therefore can still multiply. Once applied, allow the area to dry naturally, or if need be you can accelerate the drying process with the application of a moderate heat source.

How often might you need to repeat the treatment? Good question. Of course this is dependent on the frequency that the surface might be touched and what it is exposed to. For instance, in a Childcare Facility, with toddlers, who are at the best of times not as sanitary conscious as they might be! Using DuroKleen’s 2in1 DuroDaily as part of your regular daily cleaning routine, then backing it up with DuroKleen’s long term anti-microbial solution can be an ideal combination that covers all bases.

On trains, buses, trams and in taxis, DuroPax’s 48-hour protection is ideal in protecting high traffic, frequently touched surfaces. On the other hand, hard to reach areas, that don’t get regular human contact, may be sufficiently attended to by being cleaned thoroughly then sprayed with our DuroKleen long term anti-microbial disinfectant, to secure up to 100 days protection from the growth of bacteria and mould.

When using any DuroKleen product avoid contact with the eyes. Wash your hands and skin after use and obviously don’t spray anywhere where it might come into contact with food. All the relevant poison information is printed on our labels and published on our website, and as with any chemical product, it’s a good idea to be well versed in this.

When using on fabrics, it’s a good idea to test DuroKleen on a small unobtrusive area of the fabric, before treating a larger area, for colour fastness and risk of staining. When using DuroKleen to soak clothing items, remember it is not a laundry detergent, it is a disinfectant and sanitiser. You will always get the best results by first thoroughly cleaning all items before treating. In a tub you can dilute 30ml of DuroKleen for 2kg of fabric and 60ml for 4kg. Submerge for 3 minutes, then remove and dry at room temperature or in a dryer. In a washing machine, again clean your items first, then add 60ml of Durokleen for Small load settings; 90ml for Medium; or 120ml for Large. Run the full rinse cycle, then dry at room temperature—or else use a dryer at the appropriate temperature setting.

Whenever using in a spray application—to protect carpets, upholstery or furniture—spray at a distance of 10-15cm, making sure the entire area is covered evenly. Reapplying every three months when, or if, odour, staining or discolouration due to bacteria, mould or mildew return.

With bathroom and building material again clean all your surfaces thoroughly, then spray at 10-15cm and allow to completely dry before use. If you do get any spotting, you can simply use a damp sponge or cloth to remove it. 

Finally, when applying to filters and filter material, follow the usual spraying procedure, 10-15cm distance and thorough drying before use.

When applied correctly DuroKleen will give you superior performance and longevity compared to the disinfects you may have been using, because it destroys microbes by way of a physical and chemical interaction, then keeps on protecting your treated surfaces for up to 100 days. As always dispose of empty containers in accordance with local government regulations in a safe, appropriate manner, offering up for recycling if available.

If you have questions on the correct application, use and storage of any DuroKleen product please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly Field Experts and they will help you out. We are passionate about you getting the premium performance out of your premium DuroKleen products.

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