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Ultimate long term mould elimination

  • Kills mould for good by stopping respawning
  • Modern technology gets deep into grout
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Not only kills mould, best all-purpose bathroom cleaner

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Many leading competitor products do not completely kill mould. Our new scientific formula gets deep into grout and other places to kill mould.

  • Kills mould for good by stopping respawning
  • Modern technology protects between cleans (up to 48 hours)
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • No Harmful toxins
  • Kills harmful Bacteria, banished odour, effective against viruses.
  • Not only kills mould, best all-purpose bathroom cleaner.

You might be surprised to learn that many leading and well known mould killers do not actually kill mould. Don’t take our word for it, Choice found this when they conducted a study.  These traditional cleaners can be a waste of money. DuroDaily, part of the DuroKleen range, kills mould and stops in from respawning. It is also a leading all-purpose cleaner.

Why is mould bad?

There are five main aspects that people dislike about mould.

  1. It is unsightly, no one likes to look at it at home or have visitors see it, and no one likes to have their customers look at and staff have to explain it away in a workplace. In some instances, this may even see you, as a business, pay hefty and debilitating fines to Work Safe or the E.P.A (Environmental Protection Authority).
  2. Mould can often come with an extremely unpleasant smell, which means that even if it is in a hard to see area, people know it’s there.
  3. Mould is a breeding ground for bacteria and its presence is unacceptable.
  4. Mould cause long-term damage to surface and the value of property, requiring expensive renovation if left untreated.
  5. Mould causes food spoilage, which in a business can obviously be disastrous for the health of your customers, and the financial viability of your business, if you get a bad reputation or attract fines from the health department.

How does DuroKleen kill Mould?

Let’s deal with how Durokleen helps you effectively combat the five threats of mould. But just before we do; there’s an old saying in warfare—To defeat your enemy, first you have to understand it. So, what is mould comprised of, and why is it so difficult to get rid of, and keep away with a traditional mould remover?

Mould is a member of the fungi family, and not all fungi is bad. People eat mushrooms and use yeast every day. The thing about fungi though is that their spores are present in virtually every environment, both indoors and out, and always looking for a foothold. A traditional mould Remover approach has been to scrub affected areas with vinegar, and if the problem is really bad, bleach. There’s two major drawbacks’ with both these approaches. Firstly, although they may get rid of the ‘look’ of mould in the area initially, they haven’t killed all the spores, which then easily re-grow and all of your hard work, scrubbing way, or that of cleaning staff you’re paying by the hour, is wasted. Secondly, strong chemicals like bleach, give off toxic fumes, meaning, at home, you risk respiratory problems with yourself, your loved ones, and in a commercial etting, your staff and customers.

You’ll often have to install and run expensive ventilation options to deal with these consequences when using a standard mould Remover. On top of this people using strong chemicals have to wear protective safety clothing, and there’s a high cost to this. Bleach can also stain and damage surfaces and equipment and additionally you’re also having to dispose of environmentally unfriendly chemicals after use.

Durokleen, on the other hand, combats all the effects of mould without having to resort to traditional, largely in-effective, and dangerous chemicals by:

  • Killing germs and surface odours instantly
  • Not staining, bleaching, or burning
  • Not containing chlorine or dangerous chemicals
  • Being easy to apply and safe to use
  • Killing mould, bacteria and effective against viruses
  • Being water based and emitting no toxic fumes
  • Being easy to apply and safe to use

So, back to the five problems mould creates and how Durokleen solves them.

DuroDaily kills the actual spores that breed mould, and without the ability of the spores to reproduce the mould cannot return. Then with the powerful antimicrobial barrier that Durokleen coats surfaces with, they can be protected from the recurrence of mould for up to one hundred days. Without the mould, you of course no longer have the odour that comes from it. Then because DuroDaily has killed the bacteria that causes food spoilage, using our mould remover has also solved that problem for you. Then additionally because Durokleen is safe to use and environmentally friendly, you will no longer have the expense of high-level safety equipment, throat rasping fumes, and damage to surfaces and clothing from beach or it’s equivalents. Durokleen—problem solved!


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