DuroDaily - is a 2in1 cleaner, specially formulated for cleaning and protecting frequently touched surfaces

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750mL, 5L, 20L

DuroDaily, created by DuroKleen Global, is a 2 in 1 cleaner and disinfectant that has been especially created and formulated to deal with cleaning and protecting frequently touched areas.

In our modern age, with the ever-present threat of viruses, infection and bacteria, cleaners and disinfectants that go above and beyond the normal realm of products are required—DuroDaily is just such a product. Here’s what it’s all about and how it works.

First DuroDaily, powered by DuroKleen technology, when applied, will rid the surface you are cleaning of bacteria, viruses, mould, algae, fungi and other microbes, then it will go on protecting the area for 24 plus hours. Additionally DuroDaily is also effective eliminating and preventing the offensive odours that are a by-product of bacteria and mould.

One of the standout aspects of DuroDaily is that cleaning staff do not require any highly specialised training to use it effectively. Likewise, regular staff members, and people involved in home duties can also use this formula, without having to use cumbersome protective gear. DuroDaily is a water-based cleaner that will not cause irritation to people, even with sensitive skin.

DuroDaily can be used on virtually any surface for spot cleaning and disinfecting. And because it is multifunctional—cleaning and disinfecting—it can often replace multiple products you may have been using. This means you have less products to store at home or in the office, and if running a commercial cleaning business, there’s less products for you to inventory, order, store, and have your staff transport.

To use DuroDaily simply spray, or wipe onto any surface with a cloth made damp with the product. Be sure to cover the entire surface as you will then not only be cleaning, but also protecting. DuroDaily is also ideal for use as an emergency “on the spot” cleaner to deal with life’s little mishaps efficiently.

Once an area has been cleaned with DuroDaily it is 99.9% sanitary, then as it dries, DuroDaily also lays down an invisible long-term surface barrier that provides continuous protection for up to 24 hours against the microbial causes of disease, mould, and odour.

To summarise, DuroDaily is:

  • Skin friendly
  • Water based
  • Non-flammable
  • Odour eliminating
  • Controls harmful microbes
  • Uses no harmful chemicals
  • Is friendlier to the environment than traditional alternatives
  • And affords protection against regrowth

DuroDaily is available in in

DuroDaily 2in1 Antimicrobial Cleaner 750mL Spray Bottle

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DuroDaily 2in1 Antimicrobial Cleaner 5L

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DuroDaily 2in1 Antimicrobial Cleaner 20L BULK WITH TAP

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Plus a 1000L pack size so it can cater to every need and scope of work.

Whilst the current DuroDaily Range includes a multipurpose surface cleaning disinfectant, work is being done to create dedicated Laundry, Personal Care and more general hygiene products infused with DuroKleen’s safe antimicrobial technology.

As effective as DuroDaily is, if you’re looking to create a proactive cleaning and disinfecting program for your home or business, we would highly recommend you team it up with its sister products DuroPax and DuroKleen. Information about these products is available on our website.

For more information on how DuroDaily can enhance your cleaning business’s offering, make cleaning and disinfecting at your company easier, or even help around the house, don’t hesitate to call us at DuroKleen Global and chat to one of our friendly advice officers, who can advise you around your specific requirements. Or simply email us at

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