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In the early months of 2020, hand sanitizer, a product new to many, entered our lives—and it seems it’s here to stay!

Up until the Covid-19 pandemic hand sanitiser was a product used by a select few—maybe health professionals and cautious members of the public. But when the pandemic hit suddenly it was everywhere. And as you might have guessed when using it, all hand sanitiser’s have not been created equal!

Many have unfortunately been created using strong chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, formaldehyde or alcohol. In the early days of using what was a new product for many, coupled with the knowledge that the health crisis made it necessary and, in some instances, mandatory, many people were prepared to put up with the toxic fumes, and skin irritation that came with many hand sanitiser’s.

But as the pandemic has worn on, without a quick solution in sight, people have realised they will be using hand sanitisers as a normal part of everyday life for quite a while to come; and many have become frustrated with the heavily chemical based options, and the thought of long-term exposure to them.

Interestingly, apart from the obvious health concerns with many of these products, studies have also now shown that these heavily chemical based hand sanitisers are actually not very effective—with their effectiveness often dissipating literally in seconds!

So, if you’ve been breathing in the unpleasant smells of chlorine, formaldehyde or alcohol thinking that however noxious they were, at least you were getting maximum protection, unfortunately you’ve been wronged. Add into that the fact that many of these products are actually flammable, and you’ve not only been badly protected, forced to experience unpleasant odours and irritations, at risk of long-term health conditions, but also been at risk of a truly catastrophic burn injury!

Thankfully there is now DuroKleen Hand Sanitiser. An Aussie home-grown invention that is water-based, mild, and safe to use long term, for everyone—even the elderly and very young in our communities. The only thing it’s not mild on is Covid-19, plus a wide range of other bacteria and viruses. It’s an absolute killer against them!

And because DuroKleen Hand Sanitisers coat your skin with our now famous invisible anti-microbial biostatic barrier, they also protect you, your loved ones, work colleagues or customers for longer than industry standards.

Once applied, DuroKleen hand sanitiser’s dry in seconds, so there’s no lingering slimy feel. All your left with is long term protection, and the subtle yet fresh, light fragrance our hand sanitization products have been infused with.

In fact, people using DuroKleen hand sanitisers have, as well as lessening their likelihood of contracting Covid-19, also reported diminished occurrences of the everyday colds and flu’s they would normally expect to pick up in winter months. So the top-level protection against Covid-19 provided by DuroKleen Hand Sanitisers also now means protection from an increasingly wide range of other nasties, ever present in our modern environment.

At DuroKleen Global we also realised that people were asking for a greater variety of products to suit their varying situations and needs.

So with this in mind we created our Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Gel. This comes in either a handy pump bottle or a flip-top travel size squeeze bottle. Meaning whether you’re at home, work, sports activities, shopping, or just out and about on the run, you’ve always got handy premium protection with you.

We also offer it in a travel size Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Spray. This product allows you to equip yourself with personal protection where ever you are, to offer that protection to others, but also to unobtrusively spray any unprotected surface you might encounter—just to be on the safe side.

To round out our range of DuroKleen Hand Sanitisers we also now offer handy sanitising wipes, ideal for everyone, but especially convenient if you have young children in tow, or elderly relatives that may struggle with pumps and sprays.

To summarise, DuroKleen’s range of hand sanitizing products are:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Non-flammable
  • Long Lasting
  • Effective against Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria
  • Water-based
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fully Aussie manufactured and owned

To shop securely for all DuroKleen products, please visit us at call one of our friendly staff on 1300 911 695, or email us at

We’d love you to experience what we know is the safest and best hand sanitsation range on the market today.

DuroKleen—protecting you, your loved ones, our vital frontline health care workers and the wider community now every hour of every day.

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