DuroKleen Long-Term Antimicrobial Disinfectant

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DuroKleen is unlike other disinfectants on the market. It is a safer, longer-lasting alternative that offers several advantages over the short-term, toxic chemicals we’ve been putting up with for far too long.

DuroKleen is different because it works differently. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals like chlorine, formaldehyde or alcohol, DuroKleen is non-toxic and a massive step forward in antimicrobial nano-technology. When correctly applied, DuroKleen operates at the molecular level, bonding with the molecules of the surface it’s been applied to. As it does so it creates a dense field of microscopic, positively-charged chains of molecules that coat the treated surface. We call this our ‘biostatic barrier’. The positive charge and lipophilic tails of the barrier destroy offending microbes by way of a chemical and physical interaction. This fatally weakens the outer layer of the net-negatively charged microbial cells (harmful bacteria). DuroKleen’s nano-technology physically disrupts harmful organisms, effectively using static electricity to offend microbes and prevent the creation of feared “superbugs”- all without the reliance of dangerous chemicals.

By contrast, traditional disinfectants pose major safety hazards in transit, storage and in use. Most alcohol, chlorine and formaldehyde based disinfectants lose their effectiveness once dried – in most cases, in seconds. Meaning your cleaning team must constantly re-apply them to keep your facilities safe. This often ends up being prohibitive in both wage costs and the cost of disinfecting solution. Unfortunately, it’s a slippery slope from there, under cost pressures, cleaning and disinfecting standards can easily erode and very soon you have an unsanitary, unsafe environment.

DuroKleen helps you avoid all of this. Once formed, the antimicrobial biostatic barrier can go on protecting your cleaned surfaces for up to 100 days—that’s lower overall costs and increased peace of mind.

What is DuroKleen effective against?

DuroKleen is effective against MRSA, H1N1, Staph, plus a host of bacterial and viral strains, and all varieties of Fungi including “black mould”, mildew and other moulds. DuroKleen is going through the process of obtaining TGA certification for Covid-19 effectiveness.

How safe is DuroKleen?

DuroKleen is a water based non-toxic solution. It emits no VOC’s or toxic fumes, is non-flammable and uses non-allergenic compounds. DuroKleen can be safely shipped, stored and used with far less safety requirements than most disinfectant alternatives including all alcohol, chlorine and formaldehyde based alternatives.

Of course, as safe as DuroKleen is to use you should still not allow DuroKleen to contact your eyes. Wash your hands and skin after exposure, and do not apply DuroKleen to foodstuffs. If poisoning occurs, follow the Safety Instructions printed on the label and published overleaf. If necessary, consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Will DuroKleen only treat surfaces, or will it also combat odour?

Unpleasant odours mainly come about as the microbes in yeasts, moulds and bacteria break down and decompose organic matter, spoiled food, and faecal matter. It also comes from chemicals released by the microbes themselves. This is a natural, normal, and actually necessary part of life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be accepted in your home or workplace. DuroKleen gets rid of this heavy sulphuric smell, by killing and retarding the microbes and processes that are producing it.

How easy is DuroKleen to use?

Apply DuroKleen by firstly cleaning thoroughly and drying the area you wish to treat (We recommend DuroPax for this task and we will review that in detail in another article). Once your surface is clean and dry, you can apply DuroKleen evenly by soaking, spraying, misting, fogging or simply wiping on with a damp cloth. Importantly, so as to let DuroKleen’s protective antimicrobial barrier form as well as possible, let the area treated dry thoroughly again before using. Because DuroKleen’s effects are long lasting you will save multiple hours of disinfecting time and also use a lot less product compared to traditional treatments.

What surfaces can I treat with DuroKleen?

You can treat all manner of hard and soft surfaces, furnishings, uniforms, material, leather and even woven material. Because DuroKleen is safe it won’t bleach, burn or stain surfaces or material it is applied to. You can even add it into your wash cycle and deal with the bacterial challenges of sports uniforms and gym wear.

We hope this article has provided some detail around the advantages, benefits and uses of DuroKleen. For more detailed information please contact us at

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