DuroPax is a heavy-duty modern combination cleaner and disinfectant

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DuroPax is a heavy-duty modern combination cleaner and disinfectant.  It proactively promotes all round cleanliness and hygiene across a broad spectrum of areas, materials and surfaces, through its unique surfactant system and long-term disinfectant properties.

Developed over a 12-month period in consultation with Virgin Airlines Australia, the scope of the joint project was to produce a product which would engender high levels of cleanliness, a long-lasting sanitary environment, and increase workplace efficiency by cutting the amount of cleaning time required. The results of testing at the product release stage were Class Leading.

DuroPax has been tested and certified as meeting or exceeding Boeings required standards for the “internal cleaning of surfaces within commercial transport aircraft”, is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified facility, and is powered by DuroKleen, independently tested and accredited as effective by the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Authority).

We feel that achieving these standards is just reward for our teams’ rigorous approach to creating a world class product. At DuroKleen Global we reason that if DuroPax could meet the incredibly demanding criteria required by the international airline industry, it would certainly be a welcome addition in commercial and domestic cleaning environments.

DuroPax’s active disinfectant, DuroKleen has shown a proven effectiveness against more than 90 harmful pathogens including influenza, MRSA and Human Coronavirus, combined with superior durations of effectiveness (up to 48 hours in DuroPax) compared to our competitors. Because of this DuroPax has been dubbed “an Australian-first cleaning innovation”.

DuroPax is clearly an innovative, multifaceted solution but how exactly does it work?

Firstly, DuroPax is a powerful cleaner, but once a surface has been cleaned it also has a secondary level of effectiveness which makes it invaluable in the fight against viruses, bacteria, disease, mould, mildew, and the unpleasant odours they produce.

As DuroPax dries on a clean surface, the DuroKleen technology within it re-assembles into an antimicrobial biostatic barrier that bonds, molecule on molecule, with the surface you want to protect. From the moment it is dry the surface is protected and any harmful microbes that land will be nullified.

The way it works is different from other traditional disinfectants and actually quite fascinating. DuroKleen forms its potent antimicrobial layer on surfaces you treat by electrostatically binding at a molecular level to form a stable, long-lasting barrier. The outside layers of DuroKleen microbial cells are made up of net negatively-charged lipid (fatty) molecules. These positively charged lipophilic tails of molecules that form the DuroKleen coating destroy offending microbes by fatally interacting both physically and chemically with the outer layers of the microbial cells.

Once this protective barrier has been formed it has been shown to going on working for upwards of 48 hours, or the full term of a normal cleaning cycle.

Because DuroPax kills and retards harmful microbes, yeasts, bacteria, mould and mildew at their source, it also treats the unpleasant heavy cough inducing sulphuric odours they produce.

What types of surfaces, materials and industries is DuroPax’s effectiveness applicable to?

One of the outstanding features of DuroPax is that because it is not a heavy chemically based product like the traditional bleach, ammonia, alcohol, formaldehyde or chlorine-based products people are used to, it won’t burn, bleach, stain, or harm the surfaces you treat. You can use it with confidence on virtually any surface whether soft, hard. metal, clothing, footwear, curtains, carpets, air ducting systems, wood, vinyl, plastics, rubber, leather, bricks, tiles, or concrete. They can all be cleaned and protected with DuroPax. DuroPax can be easily applied by hand spraying, electrostatically spraying, fogging, misting, or simply wiping on with a dampened cloth.

DuroPax has been used across a vast array of industries including: Retail, Education, Aged care, Horticulture, Agriculture, Heavy Industry, Travel, Transportation, Sports, Hospitality, Commercial cleaning and serviced apartments to name just a few. It has also been equally successful in domestic applications.

To find out more information about this truly ground breaking Australian innovation contact us at or call and speak to one of our friendly and expert Field Officers.

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