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The restroom is one of the most challenging cleaning environments there is. The potential for viruses and infections to be transferred is probably higher than in any other area. The combination of frequently touched surfaces, many people and the substances that can be transferred, means that if you don’t get the cleaning and disinfecting approach right there can be grave consequences.

Viral, bacterial and pathogenic transmission and cross contamination can occur in four ways in these areas.

  • Directly inhaled respiratory droplets, suspended airborne particles; or both.
  • Direct contact with faecal matter, blood or other bodily fluids;
  • Contact with respiratory secretions, faecal matter or other bodily fluids deposited on surfaces or, for cleaners and maintenance workers, entrained in ventilation systems.
  • Proximity to other infected people, airborne infection and exposure to surfaces interacted by infected people.

In the restroom environment there are unfortunately many surfaces and appliances that can harbour and carry harmful microbes. The obvious is of course toilets themselves, but then there are also handles and hand rails, wash basins, soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, taps, buttons, and locks. Then there are also air-conditioning systems and their vents and filters to consider. When you start to list all these items you realise how comprehensive and thorough your cleaning regime must be to ensure a safe sanitary experience for either customers using rest rooms in a commercial setting, or indeed family members using them at home.

You might think that you need multiple cleaning and disinfecting products to clean and sanitise properly, but in-fact you don’t. DuroPax is the logical solution for most of your restroom cleaning needs.

DuroPax is a 2 in 1 cleaning and disinfecting solution, with DuroKleen as one of its main ingredients, it is supremely effective in a typical 48-hour window of a regular cleaning cycle. First the heavy duty, modern cleaner component will help you life dirt and grime and render the surfaces treated 99.9% sanitary.

But its outstanding properties don’t end there. As DuroPax dries on a cleaned surface it starts to form an invisible but highly effective antimicrobial barrier that then goes on protecting the surface for up to 48 hours.

All bacteria, viruses, mould and mildew microbes that come into contact with the surface during that time will either be eliminated or severely retarded.

DuroPax is:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Water-based
  • Emits no harmful fumes
  • Is Non-flammable
  • Skin friendly
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • And eliminates odours

In short there’s a lot to like about DuroPax!

DuroPax comes available in a range of sizes ( 750ml spray bottle, 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L packs), making it easy to store, transport safely and utilize in your cleaning process.

So, DuroPax is your number one heavy hitter.

But we would highly recommend periodic treatments with powerful DuroKleen, for extra security and sanitary safety. DuroKleen also creates the biostatic antimicrobial barrier as it dries, but instead of lasting for 48 hours, it has been found to last for up to 100 days. This is your insurance against “missed spots” by your cleaning team. And also an inability to clean and disinfect regularly, hard to reach trouble spots like ventilation and air-conditioning filters. DuroKleen provides a “clean in between cleans” and the extra peace of mind that comes with that.

If you would like more information on the use of the DuroKleen range in restroom environments, please contact a member of our helpful advice team. Our qualified DuroKleen Field Officers can help you design a Pro-Active Cleaning Plan and assist in determining appropriate quantities needed, regularity of ordering, and which products will be most beneficial to your scope of works.

DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses


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DuroKleen Mould Remover

Kills mould, provides disinfectant protection against bacteria, viruses